Service overview

Caliber Hospitality Solutions’ “Hospitality Stores and Services” department specializes in sourcing and managing various resources and services essential for the smooth operation of hospitality businesses. This department focuses on procuring high-quality resources, establishing partnerships, and managing services crucial for delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Dedicated to sustainability, we take pride in our commitment to using eco-friendly materials and neutral pH chemicals. By prioritizing environmental responsibility in our procurement processes, we aim to minimize the ecological footprint of hospitality operations, ensuring a harmonious balance between quality service and environmental consciousness.

Inventory Management

Efficiently managing and tracking inventory of essential hospitality supplies and materials.

Supplier Management

Building and maintaining relationships with reliable suppliers of goods and services for the hospitality industry.

Quality Control

Implementing measures to ensure the quality and standards of sourced products and services.

Housekeeping chemicals

Effective Housekeeping Chemicals for Spotless Cleanliness and Hygiene.

Guest rooms stationaries

Essential Guest Room Stationery Supplies for a Comfortable Stay.

Technology Integration

Leveraging technology solutions for efficient resource management and procurement processes.

Hotel and Hospitals office accessories

Procure essential office accessories uniquely suited for hotel and hospital environments.

Staff uniforms

Professional Staff Uniforms for Hotels and Hospitals, Exuding Excellence and Style.

Hotel and hospital linens

Premium Linens Catering to the Demands of Hotels and Hospitals.

Elevate your hospitality operations with Caliber's eco-conscious Hospitality Stores and Services.